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Lamassu review

Lamassu is a company that designs and manufactures Bitcoin Automatic Teller Machines (BATMs) which allow users to buy and sell Bitcoin using cash. They have been in the industry since 2013 and have sold over 200 machines worldwide.

One of the main things that sets Lamassu apart from other manufacturers is their focus on accessibility and simplicity. Their machines are designed to be easy to use for both operators and customers, with a user-friendly interface and minimal setup required. They also have a wide range of options for buying and selling Bitcoin, including cash, card, and mobile payments.

Another key feature of Lamassu machines is their compact size and design. The machines are relatively small and can be easily placed in a variety of locations, such as retail stores, coffee shops, and other businesses. This makes them a versatile option for operators looking to set up a Bitcoin ATM in a variety of different settings.

Lamassu also offers a range of software and security features to ensure the safety of both operators and customers. The machines come with built-in anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) compliance features, which help to prevent fraud and ensure that transactions are conducted legally.

One of the cons of Lamassu machines is that they do not offer a large number of cryptocurrencies for trading compare to other BTM’s like Genesis Coin for example, this limits the options for customers and operators.

Another potential downside is that Lamassu machines require an internet connection to function, which could be an issue in areas with poor connectivity.

Overall, Lamassu provides a simple, user-friendly and compact Bitcoin ATM that is well suited for small businesses, and retail locations. The company has a good reputation in the industry and offers a range of features to ensure the safety and security of transactions. While it may not have the same level of features as other machines, it’s a solid option for those looking to set up a Bitcoin ATM.


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